Ayah 6;

وَالْأَرْضِ وَمَا طَحَاهَا

wal ardi wa maa tahaha

and I swear by the earth and Maa spread it.

maa al mawsoolah – and what kind of power it must be that layed out this earth and spread it.
maa al masdariyyah – (and i swear by the earth) and its remarkable vastness.

Taha – when the arab would go to a huge castle or building which is so huge – that you can’t see how far it actually is. The arabs would call this type of house Mut-hiyyawell spread out. Thats the same root word Allah uses to describe the vastness of the Earth.

Everything in the Skies in Conflict, for Our Benefit.

First in the surah – Allah centred the theme of the Sun, the Day, the Moon, the Night.

Allah makes us reflect on these creations by doing an Oath by them, and we even get to see through Allah’s description of them – how these creations are in conflict. Sun in conflict with the moon, the day in conflict with the night. The people who live in nature have totally different experiences each time all these different conflicts of the universe occur, since these people are directly affected by them.

These opposites of nature seem conflicting, but they are there to cause harmony for us – the human race.

Imagine this harmony disappeared and the routine of the Sun, Moon, Day and Night rebelled [Tughyan.] Who would suffer the most? The humans on earth.

Despite the greatness of the Sun, the Moon, the Day and the Night – who gave these great beings such great harmony so these percieved conflicts benefit us in our day to day lives.

So the point of reflection which has been put forward to us is how this harmony has been spread out around the Earth – so us living beings are able to survive and be sustained on this planet for thousands of years, even through all these percieved conflicting stages above us in the skies – yet they are a means of benefit for us. I.e. The sun provides energy for food and warmth, and then it is covered for us to rest etc.

We will see how the conflict in the skies is a parallel and similarity to the human Nafs in the aayaat to come.


Dream Student Notes – Nouman Ali Khan